Emergency Shelter and Forensic Work

Think of those, who have to bear being beaten, abused and harassed by their families, or ones who have been through a terrible accident. Even worse is the fact that there is nothing they can do about it. They have no place to flee and no doorway to escape. They have endured such tortures for years and have been living in darkness, completely unaware of any way out.

What are these people supposed to do? Where are they supposed to live? Victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, natural disasters etc, need a temporary home to escape the injustice that has been dwelled upon them. These people need temporary homes, because, for several reasons, it is almost impossible for them to live in their previous residences.

This is where an emergency shelter comes in. An emergency shelter is like a temporary home where all such victims can stay all day, except when they have to go out for school or work. An emergency shelter varies in terms of the facilities it provides. Some are capable of providing meals, mental health counseling, and other medical facilities, while others are not.

Many of these people are somehow victims of criminals. They need help to prove that they have been assaulted. Not only this, but it also needs to be ensured that the people responsible for their crimes are punished, and get what they actually deserve. Help, in terms of evidence and proof, is needed so that the suspect can be convicted.

A team of forensic workers can help these victims of assault by seeing the true picture behind the scene. Their excellence in terms of knowledge can help gather evidence scientifically. Nowadays, it is scientific evidence that can make or break a case. Studies of fingerprints, chromosomes and DNA tests have helped the authorities put many culprits behind bars.

Many people do forensic research for social work. They help those who cannot afford lawyers or such investigators. History has witnessed many cases being solved mainly due to the help of forensic evidences, involving rape attempts, murder cases, domestic violence etc.

People at emergency shelters need all the support they can get. They are in a way homeless and have no one to turn to for this purpose. In such a scenario, forensic researchers can help them prove right, make sure justice is served and the criminals are put behind the bar. It does not only make those people smile and live again, but from a greater perspective it helps to make the society and the world a better place to live.

Advancements in forensic technology and techniques will eventually lead to cases being solved quicker and in a much more effective way. The world will witness a significant decrease in the crime rate, resulting in a happier and healthier planet. Fortunately, with the emergency shelters and social forensic workers, the victims of assault have someone to refer to and share their problems with. Working hand in hand, they can reach their goals and give them a better life to live.