Get To Know What is Forensic Science

Most people got to know about forensic science due to the very famous television program, shown throughout the world – Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). This series have somehow given viewers an in-depth exposure in the forensic industry. In the show, there are several teams comprised of young investigators or probers equipped with vast forensic skills to crack and disclose the most mysterious and complicated criminal cases. Most of the time, the analysis of such evidences will lead to very unpredictable results. In reality, there are few areas that live under the field of forensic.

There is forensic anthropology. These forensic experts will search, recover and analyze dead bodies with the intention of disclosing the real identities of those unidentified victims. They can deal with a wide array of corpses; mummified, skeletons or decomposed, burned or also unrecognizable bodies to determine their height, age at death, pathology, ancestry and sex. Other evaluations such as time and manner of death can also be estimated. They also encompass cases where deaths are caused by accident, suicide, mass disasters or even the violations of human rights.

Another forensic field operating under forensic science is the forensic pathology. These experts are also known as medical examiners where they perform autopsies onto corpses to determine the cause of death and their identities. Autopsies are usually carried out if the death was sudden or unexpected, particularly cases like suicides, accidents, tragedies or homicides.

There are also minor islands in the sea of forensic. The forensic dentistry or odontology is the specialized experts in using dental proofs to determine the identity. During tragedies where plenty of deaths occur, dental remains would be very helpful. Besides, these forensic experts can also analyze bite marks and make comparisons to the dental features of a suspect. Forensic nurses will handle the recognition affairs of abuse cases, either physical, sexual or child abuse as well as criminal cases involving sexual abuse and adult violence.

Forensic technology and forensic chemistry are responsible for chemical analysis such as drugs or poisons that are present in the corpses or crime scenes. Molecular biology and DNA analysis are also getting popular in the field of forensic science as they are really useful in corpse identification.