What is Actually Meant by Forensic Science?

Forensic science is geared towards resolving crimes. As defined, it is a process where science is used to solve issues of legal in nature. Law officers will apply the scientific principles in order to get the solutions for the matters involved. These days, forensic science is often used in crime scene investigation. And there are forensic technologies that could aid investigators in solving crimes handled.

If you take a closer inspection, there is a long list of where forensic professionals can apply their skills. These forensic people can analyze tangible evidence and put those findings in a written report for those jurors to see. Testimonies in court given by forensic experts are very reliable and trustworthy. Study the list below.

Applicable Fields for Forensic Science Since there are a number of people who only think of forensic as related to becoming a crime scene investigator, hopefully the list below will enlighten you knowledge.

  • Anthropology – deals with human anatomy and social rapport between humans
  • Chemistry – deals with the properties of matter and substances
  • Entomology – deals with bugs
  • Mathematics – study of finding patterns within crime scenes and gathered evidence
  • Nursing – involves in assisting crime victims
  • Odontology – deals with the abnormalities and development of teeths
  • Reconstruction – process of re-in-acting the crime as it happens to be used as court evidence
  • Technology – deals with the study of solving crimes by the use of technology
  • Toxicology – deals with poisons and toxic substances
  • Latent Print Identification – study of differentiating and identification of finger prints and other prints found in the crime scenes that is useful for court trials